We are excited to announce that we will again be making an HD digital version of the video of the CPDW performance available to families. This is a high definition (1080p) digital file that you can stream via the web and/or download to your computer for archival purposes.

We will offer the following delivery options for the "Towards the Future" performance video:

( ) $20 Digital download (up to 1080p HD video resolution) via

( ) $25 DVD + Vimeo download link

( ) $30 Blu-Ray disc + Vimeo download link






Payment due with order (cash or check payable to CPDW).



PLEASE NOTE: All CPDW video is copyrighted material, and no portion nor the entirety of any CPDW video may be shared publicly online. If we become aware of public posting, CPDW reserves the right to revoke any and all video privileges from any student/family caught abusing the copyright. By signing below, I understand and agree to these terms.



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