Manners for Dancers


Dancers show respect for themselves by:

bulletbeing prompt for class;
bulletbeing dressed properly for class in appropriate dance clothing, without underwear under leotards, without jewelry other than small earrings, and with shoe strings either tucked in or tied in a knot and cut off (ballet slippers);
bullethaving their hair out of their face and up off the neck;
bulletalways wearing a coverup to and from dance class.

Dancers show respect for others by:

bulletkeeping their hands to themselves during class;
bulletwaiting quietly for others to have a turn;
bullettalking only during share time, or when spoken to by the instructor.

Dancers show respect for their teacher and the art form they are learning by:

bulletbeing properly dressed and ready for class on time;
bulletlistening when the teacher speaks;
bulletbeing prepared for their turn;
bulletalways asking before leaving the room for any reason;
bulletalways applauding their teacher at the end of class.

Dancers show respect for the studio by:

bulletleaving gum, food or drink outside;
bulletnever hanging on the barres;
bulletnever running or doing gymnastics in the studio or hallway;
bulletputting trash and cans in the proper places (please recycle);
bulletputting away books and magazines when they are finished with them;
bulletturning out the light if they are the last to leave the student dressing room.

Parents show respect for the dance class, teacher and studio by:

bullet    informing the teacher and director of any special scheduling changes;
bullet    calling when their child will be absent from class for whatever reason;
bullet    remaining in the hallway or outside the studio when class is in progress;
bullet    refraining from talking while class is in progress;
bullet    having students ready for class on time;
bullet    picking students up promptly after class.


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